It’s Time to Say “Yes” to the DJ

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So, you’ve said “yes!” to the proposal, “yes” to the venue, and “yes” to the dress…

But, have you said “yes” to the DJ?

Some newly engaged couples don’t list finding and hiring a wedding DJ as a top priority once planning begins. But just think: your DJ can make or break the whole wedding experience for you and your guests. Your DJ sets the tone (literally) for the entirety of your reception, which is arguably the most highly anticipated part of any wedding. Instead of just turning on a playlist and making one your guests monitor it all night, hiring a wedding DJ will leave you without any additional stress and will leave a lasting impression of your special day.

There is extensive planning that goes into a DJ’s preparation for any wedding. Leading up to the big day, consultations with couples are centered around creating a very detailed timeline of the reception. Specifically listing the times at which certain events are going to occur (such as grand entrances, first dances, dinner service, cake cutting, and the bouquet toss) ensures that the DJ can keep things flowing and running smoothly.

Selecting the songs that are played throughout the reception is all up to the couple, and the DJ places each song next to their correlating event on the timeline. It’s important to think about which songs you want to hear during your reception, because it’s a huge part of creating the vibe and atmosphere that you are looking for. Of course, your DJ would be more than happy to assist you in choosing wedding friendly songs that all your guests will be able to enjoy.

On your wedding day you’ll have an endless amount of things to worry about, and your DJ shouldn’t be one of them. After the “I do’s,” it’s your turn to finally relax and have a good time surrounded by your family and friends on the dance floor. So say “yes” to the DJ and start your marriage off on the right foot.

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