Spring Forward Into These 2017 Wedding Trends

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As the year comes to a close, the spring wedding season is right around the corner. Thankfully for any couples who are burnt out from an exhausting year of planning, the hottest trends for spring weddings next year are budget friendly and easy to execute as your big day approaches. Whether your theme is whimsical rustic or fantasy fairytale, these versatile trends can be effortlessly incorporated into any wedding.


An easy and inexpensive way to personalize your wedding décor is by creating chalkboards and utilizing them to write your program, table numbers, or fun sayings on.

DIY tip: Make your own chalkboards by selecting any board or cut of wood and painting it with chalkboard paint (found at any craft store) to add a personal touch to your special day that your guests will appreciate and adore.

chalkboard-2 chalkboard-1 chalkboard-3


Displaying your seating chart, menu, or monogram on a framed mirror serves as an elegant yet simple way to place decorative statement pieces around your venue.

DIY tip: Paint any frame to your desired color, place a mirror inside, and write messages onto them with whiteboard markers (or apply vinyl monogram stickers to make it even easier for yourself) for elevated looking decor that won’t break your bank.

mirror-2 mirror-1 mirror-3


With unpredictable springtime weather, indoor weddings can be transformed to make you and your guests feel like you’re celebrating outdoors. Incorporating greenery and floral elements into your decorations can make any indoor space feel as lush and magical as an outdoor forest or garden. (but with a 0% chance of rain to dampen your day!)

DIY tip: Place candles inside glass lanterns, and surround them with greenery and flowers as a simple and beautiful alternative centerpiece to give your reception an ethereal outdoor illusion.

greenery-2 greenery-4 greenery-1

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