Spanish Songs for Mother-Son and Father-Daughter

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The big day of nuptials centers around the bride and the groom, but if it wasn’t for their parents, the union of the two lovers wouldn’t have ever occurred. Latin weddings struggle in finding the best options for Father-Bride and Mother-Groom song selections, and we went on a search through various tracks to find the right song for that special moment with parents.



7. Los Diablitos – Los Caminos de la Vida

This selection isn’t a traditional contemporary choice but still speaks a truth. Its expresses the difficulties of life and how a mother did everything in her power to prepare her son for a tough world. In thanks, he returns the favor and will endlessly fight for her as she has had a long life of struggles and is tired, deserving some rest.

6. Alejandro Fernández – Abrázame

This songs highlights embrace for mother and son before letting him go and start his life with the one he loves. It emphasizes that last moment as her little boy but just in this moment they will share eternally.


5. Luis Miguel – Motivos

 This is a traditional song in the form of a love poem with a grand sound. A mother gives endlessly and this song expresses how everything about her is a motivation to be a better man.


4. Denis de Kalafe – Señora Señora

The endless love a mother shares is highlighted in this selection. It expresses everything a mother is and the various roles she assumes in order to support her child. There is no way to thank mothers enough for all they do, and this song expresses as much gratitude as possible.


3. Marco Antonio Solís – Te Amo Mamá

Te Amo Mama by Marco Antonio Solis is a traditional sound that expresses the great thanks and appreciation for a mother. There is no lack of loved felt in this song.

2. Boyz II Men – Una Canción Para Mamá

This selection is a modern sound with a touch of R&B. It expresses the ultimate gratitude towards a mother, and shares a thank you in the form of a love song.


1. Juanes – Para Tu Amor

“Para Tu Amor” is like a beautiful love letter expressing the immense, unconditional love shared. How this love is like no other and a treasure. This selection is a modern sound holding traditional values. 



7. Maná – Bendita Tu Luz

 This song is expressing the blessing of the relationship between a father and daughter. It is a thanks to fate for fulfilling a lonely destiny.


6. Oscar D’León – A El

 This song choice is more energetic and vivacious than all the other songs choices. This song will surely bring energy to the room as father and daughter take center stage. This songs is a thanks on how much of a blessing a father is.


5. Joan Sebastian – Preciosa Criatura

 This song is a traditional sound expressing how a daughter is a the greatest gift that are in dreams. But he is living this dream as a reality being her father, and she has changed his life. This song is a thanks to God for receiving the greatest gift of life. 


4. Vicente Fernandez – Mi Niña Bonita

Vincente Fernandez is the father of traditional sounds. This song is a love letter to a daughter, not lacking of letting her know how beautiful she is. It expresses how men typically wish for a son at first but once they receive the gift of a daughter, they change their mind as a daughter is an angel that steals your heart.


3. Lali Torres – Papá, Quiero Decirte

This song is a thank you to a father for his struggles to give his daughter everything within his power (all while never lacking love). She cannot thank him enough and this song is a promise to always be there for him.


2. Christina Aguilera – Por Siempre Tú

This beautiful song expresses the eternal love a daughter has for her father, how he is her world and she will always make that clear. The joy he brings her will forever remain and the powerhouse vocals of Christina Aguilera will sure to bring you chills. 


1. Abraham Velásquez – Hija

 This song is a modern sound with a beautiful message saying farewell to a daughter as she marries. She may not be a little girl anymore but her father makes it clear that he will continue to always be there for her. 


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