Outdoor Barn Lighting

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Within these past few years, there has been a great growth in the number of rustic themed weddings with most being perfectly held in barns. Now, once the centerpieces and perfect Photo Booth have been found, you may think, what else is there to worry about for the decor of the barn?

Have you thought about lighting for the barn? Lighting tends to be a detail often forgotten and then quickly rushed into when noticing that there is either a shortage of lighting or nothing but flood lights on the grounds of the barn. Unless you would like for a washed out look to your wedding, by simply adding up-lights to your wedding, you will create the ultimate rustic look, while adding just the right amount of ambiance to your barn.

Two weekends ago SR Weddings had the privilege of producing our lighting and entertainment services for a wedding which was held at the Centennial Barn at the Orange County Fair Grounds.

At the Centennial Barn, our couple, Andrew and Judy, were unsure of what colors to use for their up-lights, one of our SR Weddings DJ’s and coordinators recommend the auburn color and the barn looked just beautiful!

Andrew and Judy held their reception in the front lawn, just outside of the barn. The exterior of the barn had already been set up with flood lights that were stationary. However, with the use of market lights and the up-lights, theres was no need to turn them on, even during the break down once the night was done. The amber up-lights also complimented the monogram in which Andrew and Judy had customized with one of our SR Weddings coordinators. The auburn setting of the up-lights created the ultimate rustic, warm, and inviting feeling wedding.

So if you are holding your wedding at a barn, or an outdoor venue, think about how lighting can make an impact!

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