Grooms Grotto Makes Groomsmen Fittings a Special Experience

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Men Experience the Grotto

Who says the female wedding party gets all the fun when choosing their garments for the big day? Now you can make the men in the wedding party feel special as well. Getting suited up doesn’t have to be a chore and the Groom’s Grotto is a place where the guys can enjoy themselves getting suited up in a relaxing atmosphere. Not only do the guys get special treatment but the Grotto in Costa Mesa also offers custom suits, which beats those ill fitting rentals. Grooms Grotto comes from humble beginnings starting out from a garage after founders felt that men looking for wedding wear weren’t getting the experience as women were, so they decided to create a place for men to enjoy themselves with fellow groomsmen while getting garments for the wedding.


Have a Day of Fun, Fittings Don’t Have to Feel Like a Chore

It’s a party for the guys in the wedding party! Get together with the guys for a couple hours and celebrate the upcoming big day with your best buddies. The party is treated to adult beverages and pampered by staff to custom fittings all while jamming out to their favorite tunes. Guys getting together for fittings can be more than just a fitting, but a memorable time of special treatment in the stressful wedding planning process, because as we all know this time can get pretty busy.


The Experience

For a day in removing themselves from all the busyness, the groom and the groomsmen have a time of leisure while choosing from various options of fits and styles that are offered. The staff will make the process enjoyable and easy for each individual. So rally up the guys and the staff will do all the work, the guy’s only job is to show up for VIP treatment. The process is made easy and will ensure the guys in the wedding party will look great.

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