I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m Getting Married!

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I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m Getting Married!…Stay Away From the Wedding Stress

Planning your wedding can bring on a great amount of stress, especially when you have a large bridal party and/or are having a DIY wedding. Much of the stress also comes along when you are planning your wedding single-handedly. In helping brides and grooms prepare for this memorable day, I tend to remind them what the core meaning of their wedding day is. Many times I see couples overwhelmed by stress when trying to coordinate a seating chart or finalizing their timeline, but there are many simple ways to go about relieving stressors like so.

Here is a list of creative ideas on how to relieve stress, so make sure to take notes!

Wedding as a whole:

1) Hire a wedding planner, if this is not in your budget, then think about hiring a Day Of Coordinator, who’s job it is to tie up the loose ends, create a timeline, and run your big day.
2) Have a special wedding calendar where you can write down every consultation, appointment, and all of your notes.
3) Create a Pinterest Board where you can pin your ideas and create your ideal wedding image and how it to your vendors so that they may understand your vision.

Bride & Groom:
1) Couples Massage
2) Continue having date nights
3) Couples Yoga

Bridal Party:
1) Bonfires
2) Game Days or Nights
3) Girls night in (Champagne, ice cream, & nail polish) as the guys have their own night (Video games, B-ball at the gym)

Parents of the Couple:
1) Coordinate dinner nights, where you invite each others parents over for dinner
2) Go on hikes with your parents
3) Have a date night with your parents (ex: wine tasting, karaoke bar, etc.)

Bride Time:
1) Massage/Spa day
2) Gym/Yoga time
3) Your favorite hobby! (ex: scrapbooking, running, making jewelry, etc.)

Fun & out of the ordinary stress relieving tips:
1) Zumba/Kickboxing class for your bridal party
2) Going to a shooting range
3) Volunteer/Community Service

These are all just a few ideas on how to relieve and minimize stress before your wedding day. Hope you make the time to go out and take advantage of these tips and ideas.

Happy Planning!

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